CNA Schools in California

Best CNA Schools in California

CNA Schools in CaliforniaCNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) is one of the jobs in the country that a lot of people want to be eligible for. As the demand for certified nursing assistants becomes higher and higher, the number of CNA Schools in California also increased to provide the skills and knowledge needed by the mounting number of CNA aspirants.


One of the famous CNA schools in California is the Allan Hancock College which is located in Santa Maria. A student who wishes to admit in the said institution must fulfil first the pre-admission requirements which include physical examination, substance abuse test, background check, academic prerequisites, and lastly, the CPR certification.


After that, the student may now attend the three days a week schedule for one semester in the classroom and as well as in the field. Upon finishing the semester, he/she will receive a certificate of completion and will be able to take the California State Board examination.


Best CNA Schools in CaliforniaAnother well-known institution that offers CNA program is the American River College located in Sacramento. Part of their pre-admission requirements is the orientation session attendance, physical exam, general education courses in reading and writing, electronic fingerprint submission and a TB test.


Their CNA program requires the students to attend 63 hours in the classroom and 135 hours in the field to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become an efficient and effective CNA in the health care industry. Other CNA schools in California may also have the same processes and procedures as part of their programs.


No matter what CNA school in California you came from, there is no assurance that CNA job will be easy for you. It is a demanding, yet fulfilling job. It requires a lot of patience and responsibility for you to give 101% care and assistance for a patient. You get to help people – as opposed to a usual job that you do in exchange for money.

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